New Game Idea: Paparazzi!


Supplies Needed: Cameras for each person (cellphone cameras, for example)

Stars can’t cover face, face the wall, and must be standing and moving at all times.

You may use team members as barriers, but no one can touch anyone else (even teammates).

No exchanging cameras.

How to Play:

Divide your group into two teams.

Each team designates 3 youth as “stars,” everyone else is paparazzi.

On “go” each team’s paparazzi tries to photograph the other team’s stars.  Game ends when leader says “stop.”

To be successful, photos of stars must include one eye, an ear, nose and mouth and must be over ¼ of the photo.

Paparazzi will get points for each star they photograph (up to once per star).
Paparazzi will also get points for photographing infractions of the other team (up to once per star).

BONUS: Give it a try & send us your pictures! (You can send them to  Your youth group can star in an upcoming YouthWorker Movement newsletter!


game designed by yoshiro nakajima Asbury UMC, Livermore, CA and Diana Bohn Lynnewood UMC, Pleasanton, CA


About the Contributor: Yoshiro Nakajima

Yoshiro will stand by his youth even if it means he’s standing alone (w/Jesus).  He recently represented the good looking-young-asian-male caucus at General Conference 2012.  Yoshiro hopes that his work empowers youth and also helps create space within the church for their future.




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