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Whether it’s navigating a sea of acronyms like UMYF, BOD, SPR, GBHEM and UMCOR, or understanding the distinctions between ordained elders, deacons and acolytes, United Methodist youth workers share a lot of the same challenges and blessings.  Being connectional is a gift we can leverage by sharing thoughts and ideas.  Even though our specific situations differ – rural, urban, suburban, big or small church – we can all benefit from each other.

With that in mind, we are excited to introduce a new forum brought to you from the friendly folks at YouthWorker Movement and Youthworker Circuit – a new website called

So far the conversations have been about:

  • Atlanta YS Convention
  • The TUFF STUFF – dealing with racism in your youth ministry
  • Does ‘fellowship’ have a role?
  • Incarnational/Pragmatic Youth Program
  • Teaching 3 Simple Rules – Wesleyan Way of Living
  • How to Teach the “Means of Grace”
  • What Makes Your Youth Ministry “United Methodist”?
  • Can you have UM Youth Ministry in a church that has forgotten its roots?
  • Trusted resources for UM Youth Ministry
  • Why are you a UM Youth Worker?
  • Teaching confirmation to youth
It’s time for you to weigh in on these topics, or create a new topic of your own.  We are, after all, our own best resources.
Be blessed,

Erin Jackson is National Director – Community & Care for the Center of Youth Ministry Excellence and the YouthWorker Movement. She is a veteran & certified youthworker as well, and loving her current role as a volunteer Senior High Bible Study teacher.  She lives in Arlington, Texas with her husband Dennis, three kids and a dog. She can be found blogging at
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About Erin Sloan Jackson

Rev. Erin Sloan Jackson is a lifelong United Methodist, happily married to Dennis, and mom to four incredible kids. Erin is passionate about pastoral self-care, creating art, and coaching youth ministers. She is a certified youth minister, serves in young adult ministry, and will be commissioned as a Deacon this June.

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