“Pudding” It Into Practice


Here’s an easy and fun activity to illustrate Biblical community or to train your leadership that works with any age or size of group.

What You’ll Need:

  • Large round table
  • Table Decorations (optional)
  • Enough chairs for all participants
  • Enough Dessert and Drink for all participants
  • Cups, Plates, and Napkins
  • Towels for cleanup
  • Foot long pieces of rope, bandanas, string

Publicize a fun event where everyone attends a dessert feast!  Depending on your target group, make sure have enough food for everyone.  It might be fun to try something easy like pudding or jello.  You could also invite participants to bring their favorite deserts.  Also think about having drinks such as milk (for the chocolate desserts) or fruit punch in pitchers with plastic cups for all participants.

Set up a large circle table in the middle of the room for everyone to put their desserts on when they arrive.  Feel free to decorate the table in a theme if you wish.  As participants arrive, have them place their dessert on the table and have them sit around the table.

Once everyone arrives, have the participants tell the group what they brought and why that particular dessert is their favorite.  Tell everyone that you’re about to let everyone feast but you want to make sure that no one gets left out.  Pull out the rope, string, bandanas, etc and have everyone bind their wrists together.  Everyone’s left wrist should be bound to their neighbors right wrist around the entire circle.

Once every wrist is bound have the students begin by making sure everyone receives a plate, napkin, plasticware, cup, dessert and drink of their choice.  Once everyone has their food and drink, invite them to begin eating together.

Listen for their responses to situations.  Try to calm frustrations.  Keep an eye out for people that are not being fed.  Also make note of people that are going out of their way to make sure others are served.  Make notes for the debrief after the meal.

There are multiple applications you can have for this event.

Perhaps you could use this as a kickoff for a study on controversial topics.  You can talk about what it means to be a community of faith.  Sometimes things can get messy as we try to live life together but we are all still connected.

Perhaps you could use this as a discussion about how to take good pastoral care of everyone in the group.  Teach about how the early Christians had to discern how to make sure every one was included in the life of the church(Acts 6).  It is important that we always make sure to invite and involve as many people as possible in our lives of faith.  We must all remember that we are connected.

Maybe you could talk about how we are all one body in Christ (Eph 4).  We need each other to experience fully the sweetness of a life of faith in Christ.

The sky’s the limit.  Whatever you decide be sure to do your work on the front end to make sure this event is something your students will never forget.

Have you tried something similar?  How did that work out?



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