Quick No Preparation Lesson/Discussion

Supplies: Bibles, Index Cards, Pens

Break your group into 5 sub-groups.

Assign each sub-group a chapter from the Christian Testament- Letter of James

Each sub-group should read the chapter together and then be prepared to explain the text to the whole group using their own words.  Let each sub-group report. (15 minutes)

Then have all Youth write (at least) one or more questions for God that they would like to ask on the side of the index card with blue lines. (5 minutes)

On the blank side of the index card have each youth write one thing they would like to commit to do in the next week based on the Letter of James. (5 minutes)

They do not need to have their names on the cards.

Collect the index cards.  Mix them up.  Pass them back out.  Nobody should get their own card back.  Go around the group letting each Youth ask 1 question written on the card they now have.  Discuss.  Next person.  Repeat. (30 minutes)

As an ending, circle up with each Youth holding the card they read questions from (NOT their own card).  Start a circle prayer say: “Dear God, as a group, we commit to….” and have each Youth read what was written on the back side of the card.  Emphasize that next week you will discuss who did what and how it went the next time you meet. (5 minutes)

Contact each Youth during the next week to encourage them.

Youth can do what they wrote or they can do what they read, or both, or even more.

Meet again the next week and hold each other accountable.


Charles W. Harrison

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