Robocop Small Group Lesson

Robocop Small Group Lesson
What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be alive? These are the driving questions behind the remake of the remake of the 80s action movie.

In the not too distant future a manufacturer of robotic peace keepers called Omnicorp breaks into the US market by combining man and machine. They “rescue” detective Alex Murphy after a crime kingpin almost succeeds at killing him. After he, in his partially robotic form, reunites with his family, complications occur when bringing all the police data online. With the press waiting outside, the quick solution is made to remove practically all emotion from Murphy.

The difference is striking. The robotic Alex Muphy who you might have imagined being able to fully integrate with his family is turned into a machine. He passes by his family without a second glance on his way to his first official appearance as robocop. It is clear that he is no longer alive in the sense that we once saw. He is a salve to the computer program running the robotics.

This primarily robotic version functions for a while, but after a run in with his wife, the emotions start to return and we see a glimpse of Alex returning. By the end, he is totally back to “normal” with a full range of emotions.

This offers a great opportunity to walkabout what life is about and what the Bible says about having a full life. To help you along in that discussion, I have pulled together this discussion guide. Use it, and be awesome.

The Lesson

What does it mean to be alive? What does it mean to be dead?
How can someone’s body be alive, yet people say they are not REALLY alive?
In the greek of the New Testament there are two words that translate as “life” in English: Zoe and Bia. Bia is what we think of when we talk about someone being either alive or dead. It is the word that refers to our ability to breathe and our hearts beat.

Zoe on the other hand is a full life. It is the word used when Jesus says in John 10:10 that he has come to give us “life to the full.” This is a life that is connected to other people and filled with joy and relationships. It is a life of love, peace, and fullness. It is the life we deeply desire.

Read that whole verse now (John 10:10)

The Bible says that a key to having this full life is to have a relationship with Jesus. That means that in one sense, without Jesus we are dead.

What kinds of “fullness” does a life lived in relationship with Jesus and his people bring?


Without emotion, Alex Murphy is a mindless Machine obeying his programming and doing whatever he is told to do.
Read Romans 7:15-20

How can you combine what this scripture is saying with Alex Murphy’s condition without emotion?
The Bible is not without a solution to this problem. Like Murphy’s returning emotion enables him to come back to life, God has given us what we need to return to life and free ourselves from being enslaved to our sinful programming.

Read Romans 8:12-13

What is it that allows us to free ourself from the slavery of sin?

What does it look like to use the Holy spirit to put to death the misdeeds of the body?
We all want to have a full life. We all want to have Zoe, and God wants us to have that as well. He provided a way for that to happen for us.

Close in prayer asking God to help us to live Zoe lives. Ask God to help us to take advantage of the power of the Holy spirit to let go of our slavery to sin.


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