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Science for Youth Ministry is proud to be a sponsor of the 2015 gathering for The Summit, a youthworker event created by The Youth Cartel. We’re giving you a discount code good for $25 off of registration, so stay with us to the bottom of the post!

The Summit is unique among youth ministry events – rather than a typical skill-set training event, it seeks to enrich the substance of how you process all of your ministry endeavors. It’s topically focused, engaging speakers and participants around chosen themes. And not themes like “unity” or whatever you went with for last year’s fall retreat – this year’s focus is elephants, talking about some of the elephants in the youth room that we tend to dodge or simply ignore. An elephant ignored, to continue the metaphor, represents a massive potential for catastrophic damage in your youth ministry.

The chosen elephants to be addressed in Nashville this November include Immaturity and Transition in Youth Ministry, Evangelism and ApologeticsMinistry to LGBT Teenagers, and Elephants as Formation Instigators. Following each of the main sessions, there are opportunities for questions and discussion with that session’s curators. The topics lend themselves to some honest reflection on our ministries and are intended to offer a safe and healthy place to wrestle with subject matter that you may struggle to explore in your immediate context. The session curators at The Summit represent some of youth ministry’s best minds: April Diaz, Dan Kimball, Ginny Olson, and Jon Huckins – along with a host of other leaders – are prepared to guide you into deeper understanding and community as you gather with youthworkers from around the country.

We’re less than two months out, so it’s time to get registered! You can save $20 by registering before the end of October, and you can save another $25 by using our promo code, SYM15. It’s a tricky one; be sure to write that down. If you’re looking for a more thorough description, you’ll find it on The Youth Cartel website. But you were headed there to register anyway, so you already knew that. See you in Nashville!

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