#Social: a new Social Principles series

20150909_141407The Social Principles are an important part of the United Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline. Our heritage has always been a faith community that is greatly concerned about social action and ability and opportunity of all people to be welcome in the Kingdom of God. The Social Principles are in the Book of Discipline but, unlike the rest of the Book of Discipline, they are not considered church law; however, they are prayerfully decided on at our General Conference.

Theses principles are important for our youth to know about so that in their discerning they can know where we as United Methodists stand on issues like the Death Penalty, Abortion, Collective Bargaining, and how we are to be with our money individually and corporately. So for the next six weeks, starting the week of September 13th we will give you practical look at how you can teach the social principles of the United Methodist Church to your youth. Here is how our series will come together:

Week of September 13th: The Social Creed of the United Methodist Church
Week of September 20th: The Natural World
Week of September 27th: The Nurturing Community
Week of October 4th: The Social Community
Week of October 11th: The Economic Community
Week of October 18th: The Political Community
Week of October 25th: The World Community

Be sure to stay tuned and check out how you can be #Social with your youth!

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