Staff Changes & Expansion of Ministry Services Offered

Charles HarrisonAs of July 1, 2010 Rev. Terry B. Carty has taken an appointment in the local church at Kingston Springs United Methodist Church, Tennessee. This appointment has effected a change of responsibilities in leadership at The Youthworker Movement ( Effective immediately, Terry assumes the role of Senior Consultant for The Center for Youth Ministry Excellence (CYMX), parent organization of The Youthworker Movement (YWM). Terry will also become a Director Emeritus on the Board of Directors of CYMX. Effective September 1, 2010 Charles W. Harrison ( has accepted the position of CEO of The Center For Youth Ministry Excellence and Executive Director of The Youthworker Movement. Charles brings to the CYMX & YWM an expansion of ministries and budget.
Those expanded ministries include:
  1. Youth Ministry Associates ( is an entrepreneurial consulting firm
  2. The Center for Wesleyan Renewal ( promotes Wesleyan models of ministry with solid academic theory and high quality praxis
  3. The Wesleyan Missionary Alliance helps to develop the Best Missional Practices in areas where people on the margins are being crushed by poverty
Charles also brings strong ties to Perkins School of Youth Ministry ( which has been training Youthworkers for 23+ years in the best practices of Wesleyan Youthwork. PSYM is a partner organization with The Youthworker Movement.
Joining the Board of Directors for CYMX is Rod Hocott of The Arkansas Conference. Rod is the Minister for Youth and Young Adults in the Conference Office, a position he has held for 11 of his 43 years of Youth Ministry.
Brian Rossbert will remain on staff in Nashville as the Executive Assistant for CYMX.
The Board of CYMX is excited about these developments and asks for your prayers in
this time of transition.


  1. Charles.
    when I clicked on the box in the upper Rt hand corner, in order to make a donation to the Youthworker Movement, I got a message that said “fatal error.”
    I would be glad to make a donation this year, if you let me know how to do that.

    Yours in Service,

    Bill Pyatt
    Mt Zion IL

  2. Bill thanks for trying. Yes, we just noticed that link had gone bad for some reason. It should be fixed now. You may need to reload your page again a time or two as browsers like to hold onto recently viewed sites to help load faster.

    If it persists let me know gavoweb(at), I will continue to monitor it. shalom, -gavin

  3. Thank you so much Bill! Hopefully we have this fixed. Let us know if you have any new problems.

    I would love to catch up with you soon! Hope you are well!


    972.333.9870 (TXTS Welcome!)

  4. Charles and Gavin,
    Link to Paypal works now. $25 coming your way.
    Sure appreciate the work you continue to do.
    All is well (enough) as I enter the 2nd year in this appointment, and year 32 of ordained ministry. Where has the time gone?
    Office # is 217-864-4813

    Mt Zion UMC
    Mt Zion, IL

  5. To sum up then, it’s worth repeating that donating to the Youthworker Movement is no longer a fatal error.

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