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3 Youth Ministry Lessons Learned from the Sidelines

In sports, the sidelines are the lines that mark the limits of the playing field or court.  Players and referees are actively engaged within the playing field.  As an athlete in the game, you may get caught up in the action around you.  Outside of the sidelines you’ll find inactive players, spectators and coaches.  From the sidelines, you have a ...

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The Youthworker Movement: 2011 At A Glance

The Youthworker Movement is a peer-to-peer organization that focuses the energy of its members toward supporting each other. We support each other through utilizing our essential Wesleyan tools for spiritual growth as well as improving congregational Youthwork. Members can be found in all established and emerging contexts around the world. Get ready for some exciting new things in 2011 as we expand our ministry with you

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