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Making confirmation meaningful

(By Bryan Bliss) In my first year as a youth pastor, I was handed a dusty old curriculum that I’m fairly certain had been around when I went through confirmation myself. The pastor simply said, “Teach them what it means to be a Methodist.” I had nine months, not including holiday weekends, school vacations, or important nationally televised football games, ...

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4 Lessons Learned at Progressive Youth Ministry Conference 2014

Progressive Youth Ministry

Last week I had an opportunity to experience something different.  The Progressive Youth Ministry Conference was a youth worker conference that, on the surface, seemed very hipster.  In emails sent out before the event, it was made clear that there was no conference hotel, everything was taking place at a host church, there would be no free stuff (bags, tshirts, ...

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teaching a mystery

I’m obsessed at the moment with how we’re passing down our faith. And dissatisfied. I’m not of the opinion that we should kick all of our traditions and beliefs and means of confirmation and discipleship to the curb. But I think we need to be willing to admit to ourselves and even the kids that for all of our definition ...

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3 ways to make your kids more comfortable processing their faith

Teens Questioning Their Faith

I work in a midsized Methodist church. I guess. Small/midsized/huge varies based on your context, I suppose. But it’s midsized from where I stand. Being that size allows pretty direct one-on-one interaction with kids and families. Once instance where we try with great dedication to get things on that level are conversations with our kids that are in our confirmation ...

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