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Bible Study or Sunday School Lesson 3

Goodness is made real through virtue. Justice is our consistent decision to do what is good toward God and our neighbor. Temperance is the virtue of good balance and moderation, the mastery of our good will over our urges.

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Bible Study or Sunday School Lesson 2

Core Teaching: Virtue starts with Trust in God. Wisdom is our intelligence plus God’s love, presence, and purpose. Courage is action grounded in a conviction that God never leaves us alone in any situation. Session Goals: To help students understand and begin to live with the virtues of Prudence (Wisdom)

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Bible Study or Sunday School Lesson 1

The Life Of A Disciple In The World The Virtues & Fruits of the Spirit Session 1: The Promise of a Moral Life Core Teaching: Virtues are a gift from God.  Virtues are God’s power of grace working in and through us. Session Goals: To introduce the concept of Christian Virtues.            Supplies: Bibles, Whiteboard/Newsprint, Markers, Masking Tape, a copy of ...

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