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How to Survive Getting Fired

This article was originally published October 26, 2011. Ever been blindsided? Maybe you’ve seen the show “Survivor.”  It’s a competition of physical survival, sure, but it’s primarily social survival.   A fascinating part of the plot is when a contestant falsely believes he’s secure in his tribe, safe at tribal council and then is completely blown away as he’s cast out ...

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Dallas GiveCamp Recap

Last weekend, IT developers and consultants from North Texas gave back to the community by volunteering their entire weekend locked in an office building coding for charity.  The YouthWorker Movement was honored to be selected as one of 13 charities for this weekend.  In just 46 hours, teams created and revamped websites, and in our case, created a new development ...

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Erin Sloan Jackson Named New National Director for Community and Care

It is with great excitement that I announce the addition of Erin Sloan Jackson to the Center for Youth Ministry Excellence (home of The Youthworker Movement) as our new National Director for Community and Care. Erin and I have crossed paths a number of times sharing in Youthwork together over the last decade.  What I appreciate about Erin is her ...

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