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3 Quick Youth Challenges to Bring the Thanks and the Giving Back to Thanksgiving

  The jack-o’-lanterns and costumes have been put away, the candy bowls are slowly emptying…it must be time for Christmas, right?  The stores are filled with garlands and Christmas carols, the pre-Christmas sales are beginning.   Let’s face it, this is a busy time of year and it is tempting to rush through the holidays.  Before we get ahead of ...

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Bible Study or Sunday School Lesson 7

The Life Of A Disciple In The World The Virtues & Fruits of the Spirit Session 7: Patience, Kindness, Generosity Core Teaching: God calls us to be Holy. Session Goals: To help students realize that the Fruits of Patience, Kindness, and Generosity (Goodness), help us to exhibit Holiness of heart and of life.  That is what it means to be ...

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