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Would You Give Up Your Bed Tonight … If Doing So Could Change Someone’s Life?

Sleep Out for Youth Oasis   Imagine you are twelve to seventeen years old and you have nowhere to sleep tonight.  Imagine that you haven’t had a proper meal in a very long time.  That is exactly the thing we asked nineteen teens from the Baton Rouge District of the Louisiana Annual Conference to do on Friday, March 27th.  We ...

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hit the showers

As I made my way through Lent this year I was increasingly reluctant to post even on my own blog (even more so over here where there’s actually an audience). It was a deeply moving experience for me and difficult to wrap words around–you’d really have to do it to understand. To sum up, if you’re new: for Lent this ...

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Change the World by ONLY Throwing Off Your Shoes?

Today is apparently TOMS Shoes “one day without shoes” which someone had to tell me about. The idea being that we not wear shoes through the day to bring awareness & some empathy to the plight of those around the world who go without adequate or any footwear. This article is not because of my distaste for TOMS, they are ...

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