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The 4 Types of Volunteers and How You Should Manage Them

Erin Jackson Sharing Ideas

Are you a youth director wondering what your volunteers are really thinking?  For over a decade, I was on the church staff member side of the equation…now I love my role as a youth ministry volunteer.  The perspective of a youth director’s primary job is different on this side…whether you realize it or not, the most effective youth directors understand ...

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3 Stupid Mistakes that Kill Your Parent Reputation

How to Make a Seamless Pastor Transition

One of the hardest things about being a youth minister is moving between drastically different subcultures and generations.  In one week you may be participating or leading a group of adult leaders, sixth graders, seniors in high school, and business leaders on your board.  Navigating these can be difficult, and too often I have seen, and sad to say committed, ...

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What You Believe Doesn’t Matter

What You Believe Doesn't Matter

What you say you believe doesn’t really matter does it? At least not in words… How you live is way more interesting, revealing, and truth-telling.  Why, then, do we say things to students/youth like, “You have to decide what you believe for yourself.  That is the most important thing.”  Shouldn’t we encourage them to practice their faith instead of practicing ...

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7 Quick Tips to Look Like A Youth Ministry Professional

First Impressions in Youth Ministry

Over the next few weeks I will tackle different aspects about what it means to be a professional in the context of youth ministry. There are a lot of conflicting rules and expectations that people have of you, and I hope to provide a framework and some guidance that will allow you meet the unspoken but reasonable expectations that parents ...

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Where is God?

Where's God in Tragedy?

Tragedy causes us to be searching for answers.  Often we reach for easy answers.  Often we are given complicated answers, which do not address our fundamental fears.  Well meaning people give us bumper sticker sayings that often salt wounds further.  People care. I’ve written about the dangers of bad theology here.  Today I just want to openly wrestle with my ...

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3 Steps for Creating a Culture of Responsibility

I didn’t set out to be the children’s minister’s nightmare parent, but I became that person and it didn’t have to be that way.  Here is how it all happened: Our church’s children’s ministry was planning on taking a group to a huge preteen event being held at a nearby megachurch.  The registration flier said the early bird deadline was ...

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Why Bad Theology is Dangerous

This has been a problem for some time, maybe for all time.  But I’ve noticed in the last couple of months an abundance of bad theology being articulated in social media and on the airwaves.  Also, I just finished teaching the Perkins Certification in Youth Ministry Class (this year was Theology and Youth) at www.PSYM.org so maybe I am just ...

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10 Must-Have Ingredients in Every Successful Parent Meeting

Chances are if you’re in youth ministry, you are in it because you feel called and love working with youth, you relate well to young people.  What you may or may not have noticed is that those same youth are often dropped off by parents/guardians/grandparents* at the beginning of  your time together.  Those adults are, in fact, one of your ...

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5 ways to know it’s time to kill the sacred cow

Every ministry has at least one sacred cow. It’s the event on the calendar that is anchored to it’s date into the very fabric of time, impossibly rooted, invulnerable to the winds of change. It simply will not go away. And unless you started the event, you probably hate it. Even if it happens to be a genuinely valuable ministry ...

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What can the Church Learn from Election Day?

What can the Church learn from Election Day? The gut reaction may be to say that there is nothing the church can learn from a secular exercise. The kingdom of God is not concerned with worldly kingdoms, and Jesus himself resisted that specific temptation in the desert, and has said render unto Caesar what is his. But rather than write ...

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