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“Oh, you think YOU’VE got problems?”

You Think You Have Problems

Not long ago I heard someone speaking to a group of at-risk youth. The speaker had herself grown up in a residential care setting, but had since graduated from college and was now getting ready to launch into the mission field. As an introduction, the speaker shared how, upon going off to a large state university, she had encountered many ...

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Parenting is Hard Work: Inside & Out

I have been in conversation with several parents of adolescents regarding our current economic environment and their home life. The economy is one of a myriad of stressors in families with adolescents. Mid-points in careers, changing physiology, care for older parents, and slowing metabolism coupled with decreased endorphin levels are internal and external causes of perceptions of “quality of life” ...

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Coping with Grief During the Holidays

God’s love never ends. This is a promise that God reminds us throughout the Scriptures. Sometimes we feel distant from these promises from God. The holidays can be one of these distancing times. Christmas celebrations and other holiday traditions are often joyous as we come together with our families and friends. For those who have experienced loss in the last ...

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Parents Are Youthworkers 24/7

Last week, I introduced the idea of C.A.R.E. Parents are most successful when they show Competence, Assurance, Reconciliation and Empathy. After a few emails this week concerning specific issues with youth parents, I thought I’d spend a few lines describing my approach to parenting. 1)    There is no normal. Family forms and constellations are more varied than ever before. What ...

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Parent’s Corner: Parents are Youthworkers! C.A.R.E

Parents are the youthworker’s greatest ally. There is a mythology out there that “youth ministry would be much easier without their parents.” It is time to dispel this myth. Yes, parents can be frustrating but they are our colleagues: they are in youth ministry every minute of every day. Thus, this friendly word will help us to understand parents of ...

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