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Building A Philosophy Of Sustainable Youthwork- Part 7

Building A Philosophy Of Sustainable Youthwork

In prior weeks we have focused on the first nine principles: Youthwork is- Family Based, Congregational, Relational, Discipling, Missional, Evangelistic, Holistic, Bible Based, Experiential. This week we move onto number ten: Principle #10 – Youthwork is Youth-led Youthwork is ALWAYS best when it is Youth-led! What does Youth-led Youth Ministry look like? Let’s start with what keeps Youth Ministry from being Sustainable ...

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7 Slow Ways To Listen Well

7 Ways to Listen Well

With all the recent talk in the United Methodist Church about splits and schism I am reminded why a primary skill in Youth Ministry is the well-honed ability to truly listen to what other people are saying.  Youth ministers get this better than anybody in the church.  We listen to parents, youth, volunteers, staff, community leaders, coaches, teachers, spouses, and ...

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finding my identity in youth ministry

Immediately after graduating from Pfeiffer University with my B.A. in Christian Education, I started serving a Quaker Meeting as their Christian education director. My youth would sometimes refer to me as their youth director, but I would quickly correct them and say no, “I’m not a youth minister. I’m a Christian education director.” I had developed an understanding of youth ...

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I love you, Lord…but I AM MAD AT YOU!

How to Be Angry at God

Are we failing the students in our youth ministry by teaching them to be too polite to God? I recently visited a different mainline church’s youth group program.  During the lesson time, the youth pastor asked the opening question, “What are different ways we can pray?”  The room contained a wide range of students from goofy 6th grade boys to ...

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I’ll Pray for You

I live in the Bible belt, so hearing someone say, “I’ll pray for you,” or “bless your heart” is about as common as finding a restaurant with deep fried food.  My husband and I have joked that “I’ll pray for you” has devolved into this modern-day culture’s equivalent of “good luck with that.”  In fact, if you really want to ...

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Why General Conference Matters (or should) to UMC Youthworkers

When I was in the local church, I didn’t pay much attention to General Conference – the every-four-year-mostly-legislative-meeting of United Methodist delegates to decide what would be in the next Book of Discipline. I taught about General Conference in confirmation, I read the headlines that would invariably show up in the press about the more controversial issues addressed by the ...

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Pray God’s Blessings

Sometimes life seems so vast, big and powerful that you wonder whether you can really make any discernable difference. You can. Every day. One person at a time. When someone cuts you off while you’re driving to work, pray God’s blessing upon him. When you see an obviously poor person asking for money, pray God’s blessing upon her. When you ...

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Promise 2: A Promise for Retreat and Reflection

Here’s the deal about a covenant. It’s an agreement between two parties – both sides have to give something for it to work.  So last week I introduced the first promise from the We Love Our Youth Worker (WLOYW) covenant – the church’s promise to pray for its youth worker and the youth ministry.  I don’t want to overlook that ...

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Promise 1: We Will Pray and Spiritually Support

It’s about getting on the same page. On the youth ministry side of things, we see too many youth workers are getting burned out by the demands of their church, and that’s by both stated and unstated demands.  From a church’s perspective, there are too many youth workers quitting their jobs out of frustration or failing to meet expectations.  What ...

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Soul Fire: Light Your World- Sessions 1 & 2

*This camp/retreat curriculum could be easily adapted for weekly Sunday school or Youth Group use.  Make modifications as needed.  The intent is to help Youth experience the Means of Grace (Spiritual Disciplines/Christian Practices). How To Use this Curriculum: This curriculum was written to be as flexible for each camp and each Family Group as possible.  There is WAY MORE material ...

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