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Would You Give Up Your Bed Tonight … If Doing So Could Change Someone’s Life?

Sleep Out for Youth Oasis   Imagine you are twelve to seventeen years old and you have nowhere to sleep tonight.  Imagine that you haven’t had a proper meal in a very long time.  That is exactly the thing we asked nineteen teens from the Baton Rouge District of the Louisiana Annual Conference to do on Friday, March 27th.  We ...

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What Event?

In our conference call this Monday morning (you were asleep; we didn’t want to bother you) we were hashing through some of the unique challenges in planning ministry and mission and arrived at a great truism: the one constant in youth ministry is that everything is always changing. The way we used to do it doesn’t work anymore and often ...

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3 Questions (part 2)

In the past two weeks we passed along a program idea called “3 Questions,” promoting an evening of unscripted family discussion. If you missed it on our Facebook page or in our email, you can check out the details out here: 3 Questions : Parent & Teen Program February 1, 2011 As a follow up to that article, I promised to ...

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