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The generations are at it again.  Last week someone local wrote an op-ed piece for the Waco Tribune-Herald about the great glory of the baby boomers and the economic conditions into which they will be retiring. Today the Trib published another point of view; this from a man “born in 1936.” Clearly not a baby boomer.  This man, like the ...

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“Oh, you think YOU’VE got problems?”

You Think You Have Problems

Not long ago I heard someone speaking to a group of at-risk youth. The speaker had herself grown up in a residential care setting, but had since graduated from college and was now getting ready to launch into the mission field. As an introduction, the speaker shared how, upon going off to a large state university, she had encountered many ...

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Listen To Me!

Listen to me! I have much to say, so listen to me! I’ve been at this a while. I am thoughtful. I am considerate. I listen to the viewpoints of others. Listen to me! If you would stop talking it would be easier for you to hear what I am saying. Do you doubt my good intentions? Do you question my education, ...

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Calling Out For Mercy- God With Us

I enjoyed listening to my intern preach a couple of weeks ago. Her text was Luke 17:11-19: the story of Jesus healing 10 lepers. Something struck me this time as I listened to this very familiar story: The lepers were standing off at a distance, as the law required, as they “called out” to Jesus,  “Jesus, Master, have mercy on ...

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How Do You Define “Effectiveness” In Your Ministry?

The new buzzword in The United Methodist Church is "effectiveness." This is as true for Youth ministry as it is for the rest of the Church. We apparently live close enough to Business Schools that we want tools and formulas by which such effectiveness can be measured (or perhaps we have just all Good to Great)...

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