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The Deception of the Deep-Web

Is The Deep Web the Newest Trend and Should I Care? If you are an active participant in the world wide web, you are participating in approximately 1% of the internet.  This includes Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, ebay, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, etc. For most people, our daily searching, emails, shopping and internet habits are found on the very surface ...

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3 Websites That are Helping Me Feel Human in Youth Ministry

Websites That Help In Youth Ministry

3 websites that are helping me feel human in youth ministry #1: theworkofthepeople.com.  Their videos are beautiful and, though they are not necessarily intended for youth ministry, the subject matter is inspiring, intelligent, and worth sharing.  They interview people like NT Wright, Shane Claiborne, Barbara Brown Taylor, Peter Rollins, Brian McLaren, and more. They have stills, loops, and prayers for liturgy. ...

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Extra Extra! the YWM Daily Papers

We started a few weeks ago putting out daily “papers” of all kinds of content through out twitter account (@ywmovement). You should check it out on daily, weekly basis, it is constantly being updated to reflect what is being shared in thought, resource, links, fun, and oddity in ministry. We have two papers, one based entirely on our Youth Worker ...

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