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Promise 6: Be Excellent to Each Other

Excellence.  This might be the most important and most difficult to define promise of the We Love Our Youth Worker (WLOYW) covenant.  Here’s what the employer promises to the youth worker: We will strive to be an excellent employer. We believe that it’s important to have clear structures and procedures for recruiting and employing a youth worker, and to provide ...

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Promise 5: Share Responsibility and Ask for Help

Valentines Wesley Style

The to-do list for the Youth Valentine’s Dinner and Auction event I inherited was extremely detailed and even divided into subcategories – things to do for the meal itself, for promoting the event, for decorating, for soliciting donations, for organizing the youth, for ticket sales, for setting up and for cleaning up…you get the idea.  In fact, when printed out, ...

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Promise 2: A Promise for Retreat and Reflection

Here’s the deal about a covenant. It’s an agreement between two parties – both sides have to give something for it to work.  So last week I introduced the first promise from the We Love Our Youth Worker (WLOYW) covenant – the church’s promise to pray for its youth worker and the youth ministry.  I don’t want to overlook that ...

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Promise 1: We Will Pray and Spiritually Support

It’s about getting on the same page. On the youth ministry side of things, we see too many youth workers are getting burned out by the demands of their church, and that’s by both stated and unstated demands.  From a church’s perspective, there are too many youth workers quitting their jobs out of frustration or failing to meet expectations.  What ...

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6 Steps to Avoid Youth Ministry Burnout

Thank you to our special guest contributors, Jake and Melissa Kircher from We Love Our Youth Worker for this article.  People who work in youth ministry often struggle with the concept of rest. There’s always kids to Facebook or text, phones buzzing, paperwork to do, trips to plan, parents to calm, meetings to attend, and people to see. These things ...

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