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3 takeaways from a 30 HR Famine

Our youth group participated in a WorldVision 30 HR Famine during Holy Week. Our kids stopped eating just after lunch on Thursday, then came to the church after our Recovery service had ended that night. We played a few of the event games then got up in the morning and played a few more. For about 3.5 hours of the ...

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teaching a mystery

I’m obsessed at the moment with how we’re passing down our faith. And dissatisfied. I’m not of the opinion that we should kick all of our traditions and beliefs and means of confirmation and discipleship to the curb. But I think we need to be willing to admit to ourselves and even the kids that for all of our definition ...

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Write for the Youthworker Movement

  Make all of your dreams come true! Or one of them, provided that dinner didn’t sit well and you were tossing and turning all night wishing you could mouth off about your opinions about Wesleyan youth ministry. That dream, my friend, is right around the corner. We are deeply interested in developing Wesleyan voices in youth ministry content. If ...

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Everybody loves free curriculum.

  So let’s give everybody some. One of our sessions at YS’ National Youth Worker Convention in Nashville resurrected a old idea we had and shelved a few years ago. We’re all aware of the limited flow of Wesleyan content for our youth rooms; there are less than a handful of entities producing any. Then we realized that within the ...

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How “Christian” ruins everything and Methodists sell it.

Christian Consumerism

You may very well be a dyed-in-the-wool Wesleyan. But it doesn’t matter. It’s possible that you’re well read on Buechner and Bonhoeffer and Barth and Brueggemann. Nobody cares. We have new theologians now; they’re marketed as “Christian,” and they’re teaching your kids their theology. Their credentials are guitars and microphones; all you need, really. Oh, and YouTube hits. And tribute ...

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Youth Ministry Workshop at Southwestern College in Winfield Kansas

Do you work with youth at your church?  Have you ever wondered . . . What does effective youth ministry look like? What does John Wesley’s theology have to offer a  contemporary context for youthwork?  Join us Saturday, Oct. 1 at Southwestern College for a workshop and luncheon for area youth workers. When Grace is The Chauffeur: A Wesleyan Model ...

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