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Sabbath – You’re Probably Doing it Wrong

Sabbath - You're Probably Doing it Wrong

If you are like most youth workers I’ve talked to lately, you are probably not really observing Sabbath and if you are, chances are that you’re doing Sabbath all wrong anyway.  I’ve asked several youthworker colleagues lately what they do to observe Sabbath. After the blank stares and questioning looks, here are the typical answers I’ve heard: “I look at ...

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“Here’s Your Sign…”

Genesis 32:24 So Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him till daybreak. Have you ever fasted before? I mean really done it, not just giving up something for Lent or doing a “30 hour famine” with your youth group, but fasting because you really want to get closer to God? If you haven’t, I hope that this ...

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4 Critical Signs of Youth Ministry Burnout

Is it burnout or just a funk? In direct sales, you know right away if you’re succeeding or not – you either have the sale or don’t.  In sports, you know if you scored or not, you can measure your stats to gauge success or failure.  You can measure or see the results of your work in physical labor jobs, ...

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6 Steps to Avoid Youth Ministry Burnout

Thank you to our special guest contributors, Jake and Melissa Kircher from We Love Our Youth Worker for this article.  People who work in youth ministry often struggle with the concept of rest. There’s always kids to Facebook or text, phones buzzing, paperwork to do, trips to plan, parents to calm, meetings to attend, and people to see. These things ...

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