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10 Quick-Prep Activities for Super-Small Groups

Building A Philosophy Of Sustainable Youthwork

Can you have fun and learn about God with just a couple of people? Whether you’re a big church youth group leader looking to make things smaller and more personal through small groups, or it just happens that on Wednesday only 2-3 youth showed up, or your entire youth group qualifies as a single “small group” at best, everyone can ...

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How to Kill Dodgeball

When I first came to my church, I discovered, much to my dismay, that the favorite past-time of the youth was playing dodgeball. Having played the game in the past, I figured that it couldn’t be too bad when played during youth. After all, we are a church group, right? Surely they would play it in a loving way. Boy ...

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7 Quick & Easy Icebreakers for your Backpocket

Originally published July 11, 2011. We’ve all been there. You look around the youth room and realize not everybody knows everybody, or you’re trying to start a discussion and the awkwardness is in the air. Here are 7 quick and easy icebreakers to get your crowd at ease. You might just want to print these out and put them in ...

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Angry Birds at Your Next Youth Event

Get ready for something awesome – life-size Angry Birds. “I will have to admit that I use to play Angry Birds a little too much.  But now I don’t have to feel bad about spending all that time glued to my iPhone last summer because it was all research and preparation for youth ministry!” -Eric McFarland We wanted to create ...

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