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3 Quick Youth Challenges to Bring the Thanks and the Giving Back to Thanksgiving

  The jack-o’-lanterns and costumes have been put away, the candy bowls are slowly emptying…it must be time for Christmas, right?  The stores are filled with garlands and Christmas carols, the pre-Christmas sales are beginning.   Let’s face it, this is a busy time of year and it is tempting to rush through the holidays.  Before we get ahead of ...

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Creative Idea: Easter PEEPle Dioramas

Youth Group Diorama

Got a youth group full of creative Peeps? Here’s a creative, hands-on project that is fun, makes Scripture come alive and promotes teamwork: a Peeps diorama lesson.  You’re familiar with Peeps, right? The colorful, sugar coated marshmallow candy we see at Easter each year?  Our church youth group put the Peeps to creative use (and ate a few in the process). ...

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Resolving strife between schools within your ministry

So, we had this tornado. A little over six months ago our small community of 3,000 in northwest Georgia was gut-punched by a series of storms that culminated in an EF-3 tornado that touched down in the heart of Ringgold then forever scarred the ridge at the south of town. It came back down on the other side of the ...

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