Talk Tips: What to do?

This is one in an ongoing series of posts to help you hone your skills as a speaker either in an up-front setting or a small group.

Sometimes lessons can have a great point, an excellent concept, but be meaningless as far as being able to be lived out in the lives of the students.  That is because in the glory of coming up with a great teaching goal, we can forget that our ultimate goal should be life change.

That means that on your lists of questions to ask yourself when getting ready to speak or teach, you need to ask: what do I want them to do as a result?  If at all possible, try to have some part of that action goal happen during or right after your lesson.  That often translates into two goals for me in this area. I will have a big goal like: live in harmony with their siblings and then find a very simple, specific action like clean up your sibling’s room for them, or bring them their favorite treat as the immediate action goal.

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