The Best Day You’ve Ever Had

So it’s a Monday. Which means you probably have pretty low expectations about how things are going to turn out today. But you don’t have to. In fact, God wants you to know that this can be the best day you’ve ever had. Not because of you. But because God is going to do some very special things in your life. God is going to share grace that fills you to overflowing. God is going to remind you how much you are loved. God is going to enable you to deal with those things in your life that need forgiving. God is going to help you heal. God is going to allow you to discover your unique gifts and ways you can put them to work. God is going to use you to make a difference in someone’s life. And here’s the best part. God is going to do this every day!

Rev. Gary Mueller
FUMC Plano, Texas

Gary shares some daily thoughts in the Notes section of his Facebook page.


YouthWorker Movement Questions to Consider:

What does Easter mean in your life today?  In your ministry today?

How does the reality of Easter shape your life?  Your family’s life?  You staff relationships?

Who are you?  How do you know your identity?

How does easter change your thinking?  How does Easter change your feelings?

[You may find it helpful to spend a day on each question and write down your responses.  Write whatever comes to mind without judgement.  Then take some time to carefully pray through what you have written.  And take time to listen because God is talking to you.]

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