The Desire For Holiness


Philippians 3:17-20

John Wesley was very practical in his instructions to pastors reaching out far beyond how they taught and studied the scriptures. One of his directives was to eat a little less than you desire. It wasn’t because he was concerned about their health or worried about their cholesterol. It was that he didn’t want his pastors to be ruled by any desire other than the desire for holiness. This simple practice was a practice of letting go of their natural, bodily desires at every meal. It helped them practice controlling themselves in a regular, small way so that when they needed control in a more major way they already had the muscle memory developed.

In this season of fasting we seek to practice exactly what this passage in Philippians instructs us and what John Wesley trained his pastors to do. We let go of all the things that can rule us from food to our egos, repent from our sin, and turn to face Jesus. May you experience the power of self control this lent, and live into the glory of the fruits of the spirit as we eagerly await our savior.

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