The Voice of God

There are strident voices all around you declaring the truth, telling you what you need to believe and challenging you to change. Admittedly, because the rhetoric is often highly charged and the words are sometimes judgmental, it is tempting to completely tune it all out and just keep believing what you already believe. But you do that to your own detriment. Take the time to listen. Really listen. Ponder carefully what you hear. Honestly test it to see if it makes sense. Be willing to change. And here’s why. You will learn something new. You will grow in some important ways. And you may just hear the voice of God speaking to you.

Rev. Gary Mueller
FUMC Plano, Texas











Gary shares some daily thoughts in the Notes section of his Facebook page.


YouthWorker Movement Questions to Consider:

What voices do you listen to in youth ministry?

Are you always open to change?

What is the last new thing you learned from God?

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