The Youthworker Movement: 2011 At A Glance

The Youthworker Movement: All About the Hearts and Souls of Youthworkers

The Youthworker Movement is a peer-to-peer organization that focuses the energy of its members toward supporting each other.  We support each other through utilizing our essential Wesleyan tools for spiritual growth as well as improving congregational Youthwork.  Members can be found in all established and emerging contexts around the world.

Get ready for some exciting new things in 2011 as we expand our ministry with you>

January: Perkins School of Youth Ministry/Youthworker Networks: Join us at for fellowship and learning.  Join in a geographic network of Youthworkers or create your own utilizing resources provided through your AC or directly to you as a Network Leader/Coach.

February: Covenant Members Meeting- Duke Divinity School: Come and help to shape the Future of Duke Youth Academy and the new Master’s program in Youth Ministry.  Be a part of the group that is shaping the Future of Wesleyan Youthwork.

March: Be A Disciple- On Line Training Resources for Youthworkers: Go deeper in developing your understanding of Youthwork through intensive yet inexpensive 2 week on-line classes.

April: Youthworker Teaching Resources: Be a part of developing and utilizing on-line Wesleyan curriculum for Youthwork.  Contribute your best original work and access original work done by others through an inexpensive member’s fee.

May: Youthworker Coaches Training: A gathering in Dallas of 50 Youthworkers who will be trained as front line Wesleyan coaches to support their peers in Youthwork in their particular geographical context and on-line.  Held at

June: Youthworkers in Mission: Resources for Youth teams in mission to utilize before, during, and after the Mission Trip.  A National Network System of who to contact if you have a last minute need/emergency while you are on a trip.

July: Youth 2011- Youthworker Oasis: Find us at Purdue University July 13-17 and in Sacramento, california July 27-31 for a moment of sanctuary and sabbath while connecting with other adults.

August: A Wesleyan Model of Youthwork 2.0 (WGITC)/ Prayer Launch (8/15-9/15): Weekly resources and emphasis on how to build and shape Wesleyan Youth ministry in local contexts as the new year in Youthwork begins.  The new year in Youthwork will also be accompanied by a 30 day prayer vigil with daily resources for and by members.

September: Youthworker Training Systems: Be part of a 9-month cohort of 10-12 Youthworkers in your local area to study and grow together with Professional Training, self-directed study, and a group project.

October: Youthworker Skype Groups: Join or lead an affinity group of Youthworkers that knows no geographic boundaries and meets via Skype 1 hour per week.  Possible groups include: Celtic Prayer, Gospel of Mark, Family Science, God and Politics, Postmodern Angst, Missions, Love for Africa, Understanding Mexico, Reading Tolstoy, Return to Walden Pond, Understanding Junior High Kids

November: Youthworker 1-3 day personal Sabbath: Take the time you need to be alone with God for 24 hours or for 72 hours with free resources provided for you that help you to spend your time with God in extravagant ways.  Renew yourself before leading your ministry for a new Christian year.

December: Advent- Youthworker Covenant Renewal: Covenant Membership means many things: these are the people who lead, teach, coach, organize, manage, develop Youthwork around the world helping their peers in ministry.  Covenant Members follow a Covenant written by Members and they renew it at the start of each New Christian Year- The First Day of Advent.  This a great entry point for new people who are ready to step up and help raise the bar of professional Youthwork.

*The YouthWorker Movement is an arm of the Center for Youth Ministry Excellence.  The Center for Youth Ministry Excellence is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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