We just threw away your Wild Goose Festival discount.

Wild Goose Festival June 21-24

On purpose.

Here’s the thing. There are times in life where you need to support a thing beyond what you get from it. We kinda feel like the Youthworker Movement is one of those things. The Wild Goose Festival is definitely one of those things. The kind of thing that you should find a way to support even if you can’t go yourself. The kind of thing that you should buy extra tickets for and bring friends to. Definitely the kind of thing you should pay full price for.

Usually when we enter into relationship with another organization there’s some trade-off–a little exchange of back scratches, so to speak. I’m the leader for the youth program at Wild Goose.  As I was preparing to go to a planning retreat for WG12 this June I knew that I’d be making a lot of connections that would likely provide some interesting content here in interview form–there was a particularly Google-able gathering of spiritual thought present in the woods of North Carolina this weekend. Knowing that those conversations would also provide positive press for the festival, we discussed the possibility of a discount for Youthworker Movement members. Nothing much, just a gesture. An ordinary exchange.

But this is not an ordinary thing.

I came late into the conversation of the festival last year, its first year. I was brought on board to head up the youth efforts about two weeks ahead of Wild Goose 2011. At the time I was on a mission trip with my youth, which left me a neat week to put things together. Along the way I gathered just a bit about the background and general spirit of the festival. It was unique from anything I’d seen; many of the presenters were staying for the entire festival, not just appearing/disappearing around their time slots–and many, if not most, were waiving their usual appearance fees. I didn’t realize until this past weekend how crucial that spirit is to the heart of the festival. It’s the kind of thing you get behind. It’s the kind of thing where extraordinary people are asked to do extraordinary things without compensation and they do because once you’ve engaged it, you believe in it.

It’s nearly impossible to describe because it’s genuinely more of an experience than an event, if that makes any sense. You can check out last year’s event and in just a few weeks see this year’s lineup at www.wildgoosefestival.com.

I’m sorry about your discount, really. To be honest, I tried to take away your regular price ticket too, proposing that we institute a promo code that increased the price for our Youthworker Movement & Youthworker Circuit peeps by 15%. I like to think that you’re the kind of people that will pay more to support a good thing. Prove me right–buy a ticket. And while you’re there, join their Wild Goose Wings program, a community of monthly financial supporters.

If you’re just a regular festival-goer and not much of a supporter of things, that’s totally cool. The regular ticket is well below what a 4-day event boasting this lineup would ordinarily cost, and the proposed lineup I heard this weekend (secrets!) more than supports that cost. Please also know that the festival has a policy dictating that no one is allowed to miss the festival for financial reasons. So if you can’t manage regular price (or the +15% I’m advocating for our members) just contact them and they will work with you. You could volunteer, for example, which comes with a ticket. You could volunteer to work with youth and spend the week with me, which also comes with a ticket. +15% is starting to sound pretty good, I know.

I really hope you’ll join us in Shakori Hills this June for Wild Goose 2012. I’m really excited about the content we’re developing at the Youthworker Circuit for the youth and I’m even more excited about the conversation that the festival represents. As Gareth (the festival director) put it so aptly this weekend, “All of your light is welcome at the festival. All of your shadow is welcome as well.”

I can’t wait.



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  1. Deborah (Justin's mom)


    you did an awesome job last year! thanks so much for your leadership with the youth at Wild Goose 2011 – and for signing up for 2012. My son Justin had a blast and I felt totally safe knowing he was hanging out at the youth tent.

    Keep spreading the good news about Wild Goose 2012!

    the mom of a really happy 12 year old

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