We planned your fall for free

It’s that time of year.  Time to release your fall calendar, but you have let the planning slip away.  No worry, I’ve done it for you.  And the best part is that everything is free!  The basic schedule involves a lesson for Sunday morning or evening with a small group discussion-based curriculum on Wednesday nights.  Don’t worry.  I made sure to schedule at least one special event per month as well!

September 9: Back to School Bash

  • Kill a car with a sledge: call your local salvage yard and ask if they would bring an old, non-running car for the event.  You can give them donation credit.  Make sure the car is on a tarp in the parking lot.  Bring a sledge hammer… have fun!
  • Charge $5 for food (hamburgers grilled by one of your parents, fries, cokes, and desserts brought by parents)
  • Post on Facebook that you want local teenage bands to play a concert, and book a band or two (local teen bands will promote your event for you!)

September Series: Be Mine

  • Whole series (including small group discussion questions for Wednesdays) is here.  By Lifechurch.

October Series: To Be continued

  • All about the part we play in the story God is telling.  You develop your own lessons: (How to study the Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, Sharing your story with others).  Small group curriculum can be downloaded here. You can download the font it uses here.
  • Use WingClips.comto help you find free clips from movies still in the theaters as illustrations to your talk
October Friday Fun Night: iPhone Live
  • $5 per student to cover pizza, cokes, and supplies (including a couple cool prizes for the winners)
  • Devise a tournament using live versions of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Fruit Ninja.

October 31: 80s Costume Party

  • Get a couple great pictures of 80s icons and post them on facebook to promote the event.
  • $5 per student for totally rad refreshments and way cool prizes.
  • Have a local dance teacher some and teach thriller dance
  • Costume contest with great 80s names for winners

November Series: Eyes Wide Open

  • All about knowing what you believe.  All you need (including discussion questions) is here from lifechurch again.

November Friday Fun Night: Hunger Games

  • $5 per student for food and prizes.
  • Use the four Hunger Games Themed games from Youth Leader Stash (and graphics) here.

December Bonus (not exactly fall anymore) Experience Christmas:

  • Use this pdf to have a station-based experiential worship night.  Very powerful, but it will involve you making a list of supplies and setting it up.
  • At the last minute give the pdf you just downloaded to your volunteer (spouse) and have them be your brain and pull it off like a pro.

Jeremy Steele has been working in youth ministry for the past fifteen years and now serves as the Next Generation Minister at Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, AL. He writes for Group Magazine, RETHINK Church and various publications and organizations. You can find a link to all the places he contributes on his website at JeremyWords.com.

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