Free Weekend Retreat Curriculum on Transforming Lives

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This is a series created for a weekend retreat a few years ago.  It was a great series and offered our students a chance to not only see transformation, but to also offer transformation. You could also use it as a 3 week series on transforming lives. As always the Youth Worker Movement encourages you to always review the curriculum and make sure it fits your needs.  This curriculum was created by Cody Bauman our Audio/Visual Director here at the Youth Worker Movement. You Can Find Cody’s Contact info at the end of this post.

Week 1 or Session 1:
Transforming Self: 3 Graces & How God Transforms us!

Week 2 or Session 2:
Transforming Those Around Us: How we are directly being used by God to Transform the People around us

Week 3 or Session 3:
Taking our Transformation to the World: How God uses those who we have changed to transform the World


You are Welcome to share this.  Let’s Do Ministry Together!

Blessings on Your Journey  -Cody

Transforming 3 week series


  1. Thanks for sharing your curriculum with e.

  2. Thanks Cody,
    How would I get a copy of this series. I’m looking to do a youth retreat this fall.

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