Wesley-Rankin Community Center Offers a New Mission Experience!

In West Dallas (Texas) less than half of high school students graduate and less than 51% of 5th graders are ready for middle school level work.  Wesley-Rankin Community Center is striving to defeat these odds.

This summer, join the lead team for B3X (Beakers, Base Ten, and the Beat) Summer Camp!  Individuals and groups are needed from June 11- August 2, Mondays through Thursdays, 9-3 pm to oversee and lead this unique summer camp!  B3X focuses in the areas of science, math, and music/arts.  Microscopes, musical instruments, calculators, and paintbrushes are placed in the hands of elementary and middle school children- may be for the first time ever.  Volunteers are needed daily and weekly!

If interested in volunteering or bringing a group, please contact Shellie Ross at Shellie@wesleyrankin.org or 214-742-6674.

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