What do You know about Religion & Christianity?

Faith foundation BlocksThere has been quite a bit of buzz circulating of late about the ‘state of youth & religion in America’ these days. Maybe you saw the CNN article about Kenda Creasy Dean calling out teenagers as “fake” Christians. That article alone has spurred quite a bit of news on its own, almost 6,000 comments and over 5,000 Facebook ‘likes.’ Or maybe you are a reader of the Pew Research like myself who’s followed their Religious quiz where Atheists & Agnostics have scored the best overall. Compare some of the thoughts of Dean, her book Almost Christian (based off the National Study on Youth & Religion) & the recent Pew Research it becomes rather unsettling the foundations & passions our teenagers have regarding their faith journeys.

Things that should probably be important to you from Pew Research

  • Protestants at best scored at or below a 50% correct rate
  • The things that people seem to know most accurately have little to do with core faith matters
  • About 1/3 of respondents read, scripture or books on spirituality.. (maybe that is good, my jury is still out)

How are you impacted by these findings? Do you worry about the spiritual formation of your teens?

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