“What do you want me to do?”

If you do any level ministry, big group or small, volunteer or paid staff, then you have people who want to join in ministry and they inevitably say “What do you want me to do?”

It is important to have some clear jobs and descriptions of what you want people to do with those jobs so that you can answer that question with confidence. Operating as a Human Resources manager might not be our primary God given gift so it is one of my observations that many youth leaders need assistance in this category.

Caroline Hare, who is a youth minister at Crove Church in Huntsville Alabama, has shared with us a list of jobs in their ministry as well as one of their descriptions and introducing letters. Feel free to adapt to your needs & send Caroline a thank you for helping us along. FYI: Liquid & Cross Roads are the names of their Jr. High & Sr. High ministries

  1. Make your list of jobs needed (even the ones you don’t have filled) Liquid Job POSITIONS List (PDF) : Liquid Job Positions List (doc)
  2. Write up a simple or expanded description of actions you want the person/s to perform in that position. (I find it helpful to write a number of new teens for persons to connect with) Student Ministry Lobby Host Descrip (PDF) : Student Ministry Lobby Host Descrip (doc)
  3. Set up support systems and/or ways to keep in contact. Cross Roads Small Group Leaders Meeting (PDF) : Cross Roads Small Group Leaders Meeting (doc)

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