What is Your Best / Worst Youth Sports Story? {GIVEAWAY}

I have been given a copy of “The Sacred Acre” to review for a site like this and Amazon, etc. It is not the usual reads that I dive into but this one is different. If you are not familiar with the Ed Thomas story and legacy it is one of great triumphs and depths. ESPN E60 did a feature on him a few times.


I have been promised two free copies to our friends, so I thought it would be fun to share some of our ‘war’ stories as youth workers going to our teenagers sporting events. Throw in your funniest, worst, most inspiring, biggest headache story and we will decide amongst those who share. Depending on how fast I finish my copy I might throw mine into the mix for a third person (I know that just has you jumping for joy).


  1. 7th grade girls basketball.
    End of story.

  2. I was coaching middle school soccer at an area school. We just lost a close away game, and as we were leaving, one of the opposing team’s players stood by with his mother watching us leave and said “Yeah, go on home, losers.” I just waved dismissively with my hand and said “Hey, you got your win. No need for that.”

    His mother marched over towards me, and got right in my face, telling me I can’t talk to her boy like that, and she wanted my name and she was going to call the school/district to complain about me, etc. I said that would be fine, and I would tell them that her son was the instigator. She actually physically got in my way and bumped me, and then said “Yeah well, you can just take your bunch of crappy (not her actual word, but use your imagination) players home. And why don’t you go back to your home, too, slant-eye?” Took everything I had to not break my own personal rule of never hitting a woman at that instant, and everything else to round up my guys and just get on the bus.

    There IS a happy ending, though – I got a call from the district athletic director the next day informing me that the mother had in fact called, and he had spoken to both principals (I had already spoken to our principal on the bus ride back), and the mother ended up being banned from all district athletic events.

  3. I got together with a group of former high school students to play ultimate before I moved away to the church I currently serve. I was being guarded by a senior girl who had been jokingly trash talking the entire game. I was getting to take a shot down field to a fellow teammate when I faked left and then ripped the frisbee down the right side of the field. As I extended my arm I backhanded her square in the nose. The noise was so loud that everyone stopped play. She just laid in the grass, face in the ground. After a few seconds she moaned painfully and raised her head. Blood poured out of her nose like a waterfall. I drove her to the hospital and her dad met me there. That was an awkward conversation.

    The following Wednesday was my last day with the youth group. I purchased 4 dozen roses, and interrupted our meeting four times and apologized each time. We all had a big laugh in the end.

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