Where are the Methodist Youth Ministry Blogs?

For about half a decade my friend Jay & I have maintained a website called the Methoblog which had a simple purpose and function. The idea was to promote the conversation of being the methodist church through aggregating as many methodist voices who were blogging as possible. The results have been very successful over the years and with a new redesign of the Methoblog I figured it was a great time to put together a United Methodist Youth Ministry specific feed as well.

United Methodist Youth Ministry

So if you are a methodist youth worker and have ever asked what youth ministry blogs are out there and what other methodist youth workers are saying here is your spot.

If you are a youth worker who blogs and could be considered methodist then feel free to submit your blog on the right hand side of the page. The more the merrier and the more rich the conversations possible between those of us who are “exploring what united methodist youth ministry is, together.”

You can also follow along the United Methodist Youth Ministry conversations on Twitter if you like.




  1. Bring it Gavin. God looks good on you bro.

  2. I just submitted my site…not sure it’s considered to be a Methodist Blog, but I am a Methodist Youth Minister who blogs 🙂

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