YouAdvent : 7 YouTube videos to Use for Advent

Need some ideas for Advent lessons or conversation starters? Here’s a collection of 7 videos on YouTube that you can plug into this Advent seasons lessons.

1. Advent Conspiracy : the Advent Conspiracy is grassroots effort to get us out of the funk of consumerist Christmas and focus on Christ and the mission of the Christ’s people.

2. The Nativity Story: not quite sure how long this will last on YouTube, but the full feature length film of “The Nativity” is currently on YouTube. You could encourage youth to watch it during Advent.

3. The Christmas Story told thru Dinosaurs: apparently a contest casting call for a show called Nativity Factor has brought out some creative tellings of the Christmas story. My favorite is this kid narrated version with dinosaurs.

4. Social Network Christmas: so imagine if Facebook was around during the birth of Christ (and John the Baptist), how might that look? Igniter Media has created this fun social media telling of the Christmas story through Facebook postings. Personally I like how it puts Elizabeth and Zechariah’s story in there, they often seem left out.

5. The Digital Story of the Nativity: so you liked the Facebook story? Now try out the story with all the social media and technology tools. I am partial to the Foursquare check-ins. This one might be my personal favorite as a social media geek.

6. Nativity Beat Box: kinda of cheesy,.. really cheesy, but that is part of the fun. Take a reading of scripture in the form of a beat box. Just check it out.

7. Charlie Brown Christmas: who can beat this classic theology through the voice of the Peanuts. Linus sets the group straight on the meaning of Christmas in this excerpt.


You can insert these into emails, Facebook pages, during worship, or use for your own lessons. Video is a great tool for getting attention and stirring some conversations. Best of all with YouTube, it is free (with some adverts of course). Have some more ideas? Leave links, and a little write up, in the comment section.

BONUS: The folks at Chuck Knows Church uploaded their latest video and what do ya know, it’s all about the Advent Wreath.

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