Youth Disciple Bible Study Online this Fall

Something old-something new! The life changing DISCIPLE BIBLE STUDY is
now available for use with youth totally online. No manuals, no picking
a time or place to meet, no transportation obstacles. In fact, youth
from neighboring communities or even other countries can join in.

If we are going to transform the world, we need our next generation of
Christians to know others around the world. Youth Disciple Online,
provides the opportunity to provide an international experience to your
ministry. (Youth do need to read and write in English)

The youth group is giving a year to complete the 32 week study.
Individual work is provided every day except for a seventh day rest.
Every other day, has questions for discussion. Sharing prayer concerns
is ongoing.

The format, concepts and structure of DISCIPLE is time tested. The power
of Bible study in small groups is well known.
Check out all the details of this great new opportunity to work with
youth online at:

Take a group of youth through the Youth Disciple Bible Study this fall, TOTALLY ONLINE. No manuals, time and place conflicts. Facilitator training is now available completely online. Go to read all about it. The training is online and self paced so, start any time.

Youth Disciple Online is brought to you by the same organizations that support the and

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