YouTheology – 2012 – Sustainable Youth Ministry


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Join us on from 4.00 pm on Friday, March 30th to 3.00 pm on Saturday, March 31st as together, we discover how to build a culture in our congregations that fosters vibrant, long-lasting youth ministry and leadership as well as meet and network with other like-minded people and be sustained. Early bird fee: $50 through March 15th. Regular fee: $60 thereafter.


YouthWorker Movement members $50 anytime.  Please indicate membership when registering.

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  • Bishop Robert E Hayes, Episcopal Leader of the Oklahoma Area of The United Methodist Church.
  • Rev Mark DeVries, national author and speaker, veteran youth minister:
  • The team from Vocation CARE of the Fund for Theological Education, a program that helps “congregations [to] work together to help identify and support future leaders by taking action to ‘notice, name and nurture’ young members in their calling”:
  • Rev Diana Northcutt, Oklahoma Annual Conference.


What Will Participants Leave With?

  • Sustainable youth ministry practices: Practices for a healthy youth ministry that lasts.
  • Sustainable vocational practices: Practices that will help nurture calling among youth.
  • Guidance for those now starting youth ministry.
  • The start of a design to fit your context.
  • Program ideas.
  • Personal renewal and enrichment.



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