youthworker movement 40 day photo challenge for Lent


youthworker movement 40 day photo challenge for Lent

We promised somewhere a photo challenge for Lent; here it is. We’d love to make this a group project! Please tweet your pics using #YWMoveLent so that we can retweet and centralize the effort. Your friend @ywmovement has just joined Instagram as @ywmovement! We’ll be posting there and linking to ourselves on Twitter at the same time. While we’re self-promoting, be sure to follow us on Twitter too, if you haven’t already!

Please enjoy the self-reflective opportunity provided by our challenge and share as you are able.


background photo courtesy of @RabbitEarJones

About Erin Sloan Jackson

Rev. Erin Sloan Jackson is a lifelong United Methodist, happily married to Dennis, and mom to four incredible kids. Erin is passionate about pastoral self-care, creating art, and coaching youth ministers. She is a certified youth minister, serves in young adult ministry, and will be commissioned as a Deacon this June.