YouthWorker Movement Building a Youth Disciple Online Opportunity


IFD Disciple photo with Charlies and folks

Bishop Richard Wilke, Julia Wilke, Steve Wilke and Charles Harrison meet to launch Youth Disciple Online opportunity

Charles Harrison meets with Bishop and Julia Wilke, authors of Disciple, as design efforts are underway to build a totally online Disciple group experience for youth. The scheduled roll-out of Youth Disciple Online has facilitator training open beginning February 1, 2012, and youth groups starting up when ready after August 1, 2012.

Moving Youth Disciple to an online format is a real ReThink Church moment with a wide range of possibilities. Perhaps we will see youth in different countries studying scripture and being in small group fellowship together, or city kids and rural kids in Disciple together. Perhaps we will see busy youth able to stay connected to God and their group because the materials and discussion are as close as the internet.

Keep your eye out for more news to come.

IFD Partnership photo with Charles and folks



  1. As someone who has been involved in Youth Work, and a Disciple Seminar grad. I am thinking that this has some great potential. I am anxious to see the roll-out….

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