Beginning a Career in Accounting

Students who are interested in earning an accounting degree may also want to look into taking classes that lead to a GVCPAS. An accounting degree can often lead to jobs in the government or nonprofit organizations, because it trains students to understand and investigate a variety of financial documents and how to organize them well enough to be of use in this capacity. As an accounting major, you can work for public accounting firms or nonprofit organizations, or you can pursue a position as a government or nonprofit auditor. GVCPAS stands for the Graduate Vocational Certification Examination System, which is a standardized test given to graduate students in accounting. Students who take the GVCPAS exam, once they have graduated from a four-year degree program in accounting at a public or private university or college, can apply to the GVCPAS program, which is nationally recognized.

Basic knowledge of Accounting

Accounting is a popular degree earned by people who want to work as certified accountants or auditors, or as financial officers of various kinds. Those who take accounting as a major will typically take courses in subjects like accounting, business law, finance, statistics, information systems, and mathematics. Many colleges and universities offer programs leading to an accounting major that can span a four-year degree program. The accounting major prepares students for careers as auditors, corporate auditors, forensic accountants, government accountants, or any other kind of accountant job that involves working with numbers. A typical accounting major at an American college or university will require about three years of full-time study, followed by two years of part-time work.

For students who want to go into the business aspect of accounting, there are also several options. One option is to go into accounting as an accountant or bookkeeper, but these positions are not usually recommended for those with little computer knowledge and experience in accounting and bookkeeping. Business management and leadership, however, are great options for those looking to get into accounting. These positions require strong interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, as well as an ability to manage complex and interconnected projects. You will also need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

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