Commercial Laundries and General Cleaning

Aged care refers to the care of aged people and their respective premises. The aged care facility has been an attractive option for bedding as well as cleaning and laundry services for several decades now. Aged care refers to the care of aged people who are left out in the cold on a regular basis by their personal care providers such as care givers or family members. For this reason, aged care facilities have been constantly evolving technologically with the aim of meeting the needs of the aged care community in order to provide quality aged care solutions to meet this ever-growing need and industry sub-sector. Find Out –

Why need Commercial Laundries and General Cleaning

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Aged care cleaning and laundry operations include both the provision of general cleaning and laundry services as well as the provision of specialized equipment for sanitizing linen and other products. General cleaning includes the provision of vacuuming and dusting of carpets and furniture in addition to scrubbing the interior of bedrooms and other rooms to remove dirt, dust, bacteria and allergens. Laundry operations include the provision of hot water extraction systems for drying of garments as well as the provision of sanitizers and drying agents to maintain optimal bacterial environments. Both of these services complement the aged care facilities sanitization and cleanliness efforts while simultaneously providing safe, hygienic conditions for employees working in the facility.

Residential aged care homes provide a host of unique aged care services which include the provision of general cleaning and laundry operations as well as the provision of sanitized, dry towels and blankets. General cleaning usually includes removing the grime from floors and counters and then disinfecting with disinfectant solution. Laundry involves the provision of commercial laundries products and machinery for cleaning and drying linen. Commercial laundries services include the provision of machines for hot water extraction and dry cleaning, and sometimes include the provision of garment washer and dryer facilities as well. The aged care home’s laundry facilities may include commercial washing machines, ironing boards, dryers, ironing racks and sometimes televisions to keep residents entertained during laundry times.

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