Landscaping in Visalia, California

Landscaper Visalia CA is my home town and I have lived in and around it for the last thirty plus years. I love the area and the people. Visalia is my home away from home and I can always find work in this area as well. The first tip that I give when considering landscaping is location. You must choose a parcel of land that is strategically located so you are close to work (or shopping) and has plenty of open space.

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Jewel of southern California, Visalia lies in the productive agricultural region in the U.S., just east of the Golden Gate Bridge. As such, take good landscaping very seriously. Over the past decade, I have seen lots of homes, condominiums, townhouses and farms with beautiful landscaping, but without enough open space to support the plants and trees.

My friend, John who lives across the street, is a landscaper by trade, but he is also a great human being, full of energy and love. He invited me to a luncheon on his property just last week. It was his birthday and he really wanted to celebrate with his friends. We talked in his garden, shared a nice lunch, and then walked over to his gorgeous lake and spent the afternoon fishing, swimming and talking. Landscaping is not a job; it’s a way of life.

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