Medicare Supplement Plan N: What Does it Cover?

Like the rest of the nine Medicare supplements, Plan N is also a privately administered form of Medicare supplement insurance. It is designed to help you pay for specific out-of Pocket expenses for the health care that Medicare does not cover completely. Although Medicare does cover some in-patient hospital expenses, most of the out-patient care that you will need is covered by Plan N. As with all plans, there are many options for Plan N coverage. You can select from:


When applying for Medicare supplement plan n, you must list each item separately, along with its covered services. This may include: eye surgery, emergency care, skilled nursing facility admission, in-patient rehabilitation, hospital services, emergency medical transportation, blood bank services, emergency supplies, pharmacy discounts, and more. In order to receive all the benefits listed, you must list all items received, along with their benefits, on your application. If you received Medicare Part A or Part B in the past year, you must also indicate which plan or policies you participated in to determine if your claim qualifies.


The final piece of information necessary to complete your application and decide if it fits into your Medicare Supplement plan is your Coinsurance percentage. The higher your coinsurance percentage is, the lower monthly premiums you will pay. Your coinsurance percentage depends on: the total amount of your claims, the average time you spend in the hospital, your age, how many times you have undergone a surgery, and whether or not you are in the hospital for care-related procedures or stay-in-clinic treatments. Medicare Supplement Plan N covered 100 percent of your out-of-pocket costs after you paid your initial deductible.

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